Areas of Law

At Ridgway & Company, we offer a full range of legal services. From our wheelchair accessible and centrally located office building in downtown Duncan, we serve the legal needs of clients throughout Vancouver Island, as well as the rest of British Columbia, and the world. Within our firm we have the wide range of experience and diversity of skill necessary to effectively assist you with most business and personal legal matters, including:

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Estate Planning and Administration
Planning for your possible incapacity and eventual passing is extremely important. We can advise you about the current state of the law and prepare the necessary documents to help you meet your goals. We can also assist executors in obtaining Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration and advise them on their duties and obligations. We provide services relating to wills, powers of attorney, probate/administration, living wills, representation agreements, and committeeships, as well as other areas.
Estate Litigation
We can assist you if another person has started litigation against you with respect to an estate. If you are a surviving spouse or child of a deceased person, we can advise you on whether adequate provision was made for you under their will, and represent you in making application for a variation of the will, if necessary.
Employment Law
We provide advice for both employers and employees. Employment termination is complex. Proper planning and advice is important for both sides. We can advise employers on how best to achieve their goals. We can assist employees to ensure that their rights are respected and where they are not – ensure proper compensation.
Foreclosure and Insolvency (acting for Lenders, Receivers, and Trustees in Bankruptcy)
If you are a secured or unsecured lender who is owed money and your borrower is in financial trouble or has stopped paying, you need to know how the law can help recover what you are owed.
Business & Corporate Law
Business matters are important whether they involve simple or complex transactions. Be sure to seek legal advice without delay to protect your interests and your financial security. We handle incorporations,  buying and selling businesses, corporate reorganizations, shareholders agreements, commercial contracts, leases and more.
Family & Divorce Law
When your relationship breaks down you may be faced with issues of property division, spousal maintenance, child support, and custody and access. Dealing with these very personal issues can be extremely stressful. You need someone who can advise you on your rights and responsibilities and advocate on your behalf. If you are entering into a second marriage you may wish to ensure that you and your new spouse can each preserve your estate for the benefit of the children and grandchildren of your first marriages. You may be entering into a common-law relationship and need advice regarding the support obligations you are assuming towards your new spouse and step children, and your exposure to claims to a share in your property if the relationship breaks down.
Family Law Mediation
A family law mediator assists parties in resolving family law issues after separation. The mediator facilitates the negotiation process to help the parties craft an agreement that is satisfactory to both of them. The mediator is a neutral person whose job is to help the parties clarify their needs and goals, communicate and negotiate effectively with each other and explore resolutions that meet both their needs. The mediator does not give legal advice and does not advocate for either party.

The mediation process almost always reduces conflict between the parties, and, when minor children are involved, helps them develop a parenting plan and guidelines for conduct that meet the best interests of their children and enables them to cooperatively co-parent.

In most cases parties should obtain independent legal advice before finalizing any agreement made at mediation. Often the parties each bring their lawyer with them to mediation. The presence of lawyers generally streamlines the mediation process and enables the parties to enter into a binding agreement on the day of mediation.

Alix Reid is a certified Family Law Mediator and can act as your mediator.